Who We Are


Who are we?

HARMIAD was established in 2014 with the gathering of more than 30 companies serving in the private sector of mapping and cadastre with an average experience of more than twenty-five years.

Our member companies;

  • It has all the necessary technical equipment and qualified personnel for all kinds of engineering services.
  • Production of digital and 3D topographic maps, property and cadastre, city models, transport, water use, etc., natural resources, forest and mineral use maps.
  • Planning, design and construction of urbanization, urban improvement and agricultural areas
  • He is an expert in GIS components and many other maps, projects, plans and productions.

We carry out studies on real estate management based on the location, coordination and management of real estate appraisal work.



As a non-governmental organization; We aim to benefit from science and technology by adopting universal values as a principle and thus to solve the problems in our field from a scientific and engineering perspective. In this context, our duties are;

  • To contribute to the economic and social infrastructure of countries by exporting the experiences of our developed private sector abroad,
  • To create new business areas in the survey engineering profession,
  • Developing projects on foreign activities by cooperating with our colleagues working in the private sector and related public institutions and providing technical support when necessary,
  • As a non-governmental organization, to raise awareness in the public by sharing our experience and knowledge on surveying engineering and its activities,
  • To create a digital e-government platform by cooperating with countries that do not have sufficient infrastructure for digitizing the cadastre and securing the title deeds, and thus to contribute to social peace by avoiding disputes among the people on land registry.


To contribute to peace, security and prosperity in all countries of the world by producing economic values and systems and putting them into practice at home and abroad.