Meeting with the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Republic of Turkey

A meeting was held with the ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in Ankara to discuss the co-operative development projects of surveying engineering and cadastral services between the Kyrgyz Republic and Turkey.

The first step in setting the project on the right path will be to visit the Kyrgyz Republic in a trade mission in order to evaluate the status quo in the country and to pinpoint the potential areas of co-operation. A meeting with the ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in Ankara was, therefore, held on Thursday February 18, 2021, in the office of His Excellency Mr. Ambassador Kurbanychbek Omuraliev so as to brief him on the up-coming trade mission to the Kyrgyz Republic as well as to seek his counsel on the matter.

The briefing also served the role of an acquaintance meeting and allowed an exchange of opinions regarding the works and goals of HARMIAD, and the general path to follow in terms negotiations and meetings that will be held in the future.

The attendants from HARMIAD to this meeting, which was the first step of the cooperation negotiations between the two countries, and one where His Excellency Mr. Ambassador welcomed us very warmly were: Hasan BULUT (Chairman of the Administrative Council of HARMIAD), Ertuğrul KUYRUKCU (Vice-Chairman), Hüsnü KACAR (Secretary General), and the Project Officers Bilal SİDAL and Utku YASA.

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