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Meeting at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ankara

Meeting at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ankara

A meeting with the Counsellor of Economic Affairs and Trade Mr. Jeyhun Khalilov was held on Thursday March 4, 2021, at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ankara, which allowed a mutual exchange of ideas concerning future projects of cooperation between the...


Who we are 


Surveying Engineers Businessmen Association – in short “HARMIAD”, is an organization founded by 33 independent surveying companies, each of which has been active for 15 to 45 years in the industry.

Specializing in providing legal security to properties, HARMIAD aims to work with governmental organizations, ministries, and land insti-tutions.

We are confident that land administration is key to securing social development and achieving a viable economic growth for any country throughout the world.


It is in our best interest that all the public institutions, future governments, deputees and most importantly the public be aware of the strategic importance of our private sector in the development of a country.

International Connections

We work hard for our private sector to have solid connections and establish powerful relations with the countries all around the globe.

Fields of Work

We work towards creating new business areas in our sector.

Joint Project Management

With our developed private sector, there is a need for workshops related to how we can carry out joint activities abroad together with our public institutions, where our colleagues have taken active roles.


Chairman of the Board of Management of HARMIAD

Human beings are born with three untouchable freedoms. The first is that of living, the second is that of free thought, and the third is that of property. It is with this awareness that we, the pioneers of real estate, act in the field of cadastral mapping and contribute to civilization all over the world.
In order to complete the cadastral works in our country as soon as possible, the private sector was invited to the project, and thus the private-public sector cooperation was established and, with it, Turkey has now become one of the few countries in the world in terms of technological hardware, software and experience, as well as in terms of the high number of experts that it employs. It is of utmost importance for our growing private sector to expand abroad and share its experiences with other countries around the world.

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